'Tidal disconnect'?

I was happy to have Tidal Connect. But good fortune did not last long. The service is disconnecting often during playback. Music on SA30 continues to play, but an icon in my mobile device changes to local playback and the track starts to play on a phone too (because of some delay I have a nice echo effect :grin:) To skip a track I have to select Tidal Connect for SA30 again and again. Someone observed similar behavior? My app and phone are OK, on other Tidal Connect devices I had no such problem.

I hade this kind of problems with bluetoot ON on my phone and connected to some headphones or so. With bluethoot off tidal connect works great. Also unplag the sa30 here and there from power.


I don’t know if you are using Android. If so, please ensure that you have not turned on aggressive battery optimization for Tidal application? If so, turn it of in battery section.