Can't connect to my local wifi network

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Received my Arcam sa30 back from a repair after it got stuck while doing an update. It’s now on the latest 1.72 version. Before I had no issues connecting to network, but now it doesn’t. In the IP setting it just states
I can’t work out how I’m supposed to connect to my local wifi network? Perhaps missing something really obvious here, but manual does not go into detail how to do this. Any thoughts?


I guess, you need to add the device again via Google Home.

A “Net Reset” (System Settings) would be the next step, if that did not work.

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If what Daniel says does not resolve things (alternative if you have an Apple device is to setup Airplay from Apple device’s wifi settings and that then should force it to join same network) I would suggest temporarily using a wired connection and see if that works.

If wired then does work, then try the wifi setup via the web client as alternative

If nothing works, well interestingly I had this issue with CDS50 repair recently. The QA must have been lacking because the repair left the wifi module disconnected internally from the main PCB. I popped into a dealer rather than attempt to check myself and potentially void warranty, and they confirmed and reconnected it,


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Thanks for the reply! Net reset sorted things out here!