Assigning / Clearing Dirac Slots

I’m currently experimenting with various Dirac curves, I’ve easily seen how to assign one you’ve created to one of the 3 slots.

Unil now I’ve always left the 1st slot as no curve so I can in essence use it as a reference point and just used the other 2 slots.

Ideally I’d like to be able to use all 3 for a period of time but have the option to clear one of the slots completely to go back to “no curve” as a reference point in the future but can’t see a way to do it.

If anyone knows how it can be done and can share would be much appreciated.

Hi @Witterings, like you I only use two slots, but I understood that if you use all 3 it would still give you the option of no curve and then run through each of the slots and back to no curve when you roll around.

Have you tried this, I have not

No I haven’t as I didn’t want to find it didn’t then give you a “4th” slot in essence and I couldn’t clear the 1st in effect losing the no curve option, maybe you can if it’s analogue input but then you’d just enable direct but I’m using oen of the digital in’s.

I tend to use Direct for HQPlayer and my Turntable.
I feel pretty sure that you always get the option of No Curve, but I do not want to tell you to use it just in case I am wrong :grimacing:

There does not seem to be a lot of information out there when Googling

I contacted Arcam Support and received the following reply, thought I’d post in case anyone else googles to try and find an answer.

Thank you for reaching Harman Luxury Audio Support.

I would like to further assist you with this one however, there’s no other way to clear out Dirac slots on your SA30 other than a performing a reset.

Please do note, performing a reset on your SA30 will erase all your saved settings. I recommend taking a photo of your saved settings before performing a reset.

For a more in-depth discussion on this, it would also be wise to contact Dirac directly since they have more knowledge on the software. Please use the following links below:

Hi @Witterings I think I have used Dirac to overwrite my slots, but I have never actually deleted one as I have only ever used two slits

That seems very strange indeed that they do not have this capability and have never developed it