Update on Amazon HD

I am looking for an update, roadmap, news on Amazon HD support for the SA30. This is the my only holdout, my plan to purchase the SA30 is on hold until I figure this out.

The last post I was able to find is over a year old.

I feed it through an iPad - newish iPads have S/PDIF output.
Others by connecting the camera connection kit, via the USB cable.
Others go via HDMI > ARC

If you mean “native Amazon HD support in the MusicLife App from Harmon” then the problem is mostly Amazon not licencing it to hardware companies yet. NAIM owners, Mark Levinson owners, etc are all asking the same question. Ditto Apple Play HD - its a licence issue not a software issue.

I also have a BlueSound Node 1 at home. That does now have Amazon HD support, so that is my goto source for that (via optical into the SA30 with the Bluesound Node set to use an external DAC)

I guess the confusion is coming from the fact, that in the past Amazon Music was on the list of streaming services of MusicLife, and now it’s gone so people are confused.
But you’re right, it’s about licensing. I’ve seen same discussion on Roon forum, so it’s not only about hardware manufacturers.

…and I think it’s still there (not working) in the web client unless it was removed in the last update?