Amazon Unlimited with Musiclife App Resolution?

I was playing some tracks on Amazon from within the MusicLife App that I know are 24/192 but they only play at 44.1kHz …
If I play the same tracks via Qubuz within MusicLife and they pay at 192kHz … does anyone know if that’s just a restriction as Amazon HD doesn’t integrate well with MusicLife?

Correct. Amazon HD doesn’t work with MusicLife.
Was trying to get some info, if there are any plans to integrate it, from Arcam’s amazing support. Of course didn’t get any :slight_smile:
In the end having a streamer (WiiM Pro) on delivery :slight_smile:

Cheers for that … I do have WiiM mini’s as well and should recieve Pros today which I bought as have had some dropout issues with the WiiMs … that said I’m not convinced it’s the WiFi.

Have a trial of Qobuz at the moment which with Mconnect can get the full 192kHz for the tracks it’s available with.

Thing is, that Qobuz has quite limited availibility. In Poland, where i live, it’s not available, and i’m not really willing to play with VPN’s and foreign cards to make payment. They don’t want my money, so be it. I’ll go with much cheaper Amazon Music HD :slight_smile:

I get something similar. When I stream a purchased track from Quobuz it always shows as mp3 in the bòttome left through MusicLife.

My WiiM Pro arrived on Wednesday. So far been mostly working on building Home Assistant automation, to integrate it with SA30 and get ALMOST same exeprience (you know, play music and amp starts with selected input, turn amp off and music is paused etc.).
Hopefully during weekend i will have some time for critical listening and comparing WiiM to built-in streamer. But for now i know, that WiiM plays Hi-Res music from Amazon Music without any issues, and in general is more stable than SA30 (no issues with Chromecast or Spotify Connect, which sometimes were a bit erratic for me on SA30).

Be really interested to see how you get on with that … I meant to do more but I was trying Qobuz vs Amazon HD whilst I had a free Qobuz trial.
Because it’s not that easy to switch between the amp streaming and coax in (unless I don’t know how) I was using a Chromecast audio via optical in so you just had to use 2 devices (phone and tablet) and switch input for an immediate back to back.

If anybody knows an easy way to switch between the 2 … streaming from the amp vs optical or coax in, normally if I switch from streaming on the amp to another input it stops whatever you’re streaming.
With Amaon vs Qobuz, I set the exact same track to play at the same time, one via Chromecast audio and the other via the WiiM … I’d then swap them over and I couldn’t tell a difference as long as you had the exact same track.
Qobuz on trial will let you play tracks on 2 different devices at the same so you can compare streaming via the amp with a WiiM … it just makes it harder when you go from the amp to te WiiM the feed to the amp stops.
Don’t know about anybody else but this also causes my amp to stop playing any digital inouts when you’ve done it a few times so have to power down and restart the amp.

EDIT: Have been using Mconnect to play Qobuz streaming to the amp and doesn’t have the same resolution limitation as MusicLife does so will play 192kHz.