Amazon music HD stream resolution

Hi all,

I updated my SA30 and the musiclife app to the most current version. I was really looking to having the ability to run Amazon HD direct to the amp. I have noticed however that the resolution is limited and i was wondering if anyone one knows what to and why?

As an example Neil Young - Harvest moon should be 24/192. Obviously I cant see the bit rate on the screen but it tells me the sample rate is 44.1khz. So it is restricting it but i am unsure to what level. I haven’t had a chance to compare against my bluesound node 2i yet but was curious if anyone knew why it doesnt play at full resolution in the same was the bluesound does.

I have same. Seems that it doesn’t support Amazon’s Ultra HD (yet?).
That’s why for now i’m using Amazon with Chromecast. 24/96 i still bettwr than 16/44, and at least it’s more convenient (volume control using phone’s volume buttons works perfectly).

Hi Lotusjoey, welcome to the forum!

The web client displays the sample rate and bit depth.

Im sorry to tell you this but as far as I am aware all google cast devices reduce the quality to 320kbps. I am unsure if this is still the case but when I was in the market for a streamer a couple of years ago I found this out and ended up buying a node 2i.

Thanks jvs1. What do you mean when you say the webclient? I cant see it in the app, is there another way of viewing it?

use a browser and type the IP of your arcam sa30 (you can see that in the menu under network settings).

there you can click on webclient (top right)


Great. Thank you. Will try that when I get home

Really handy to know this, so thank you for that. It seems that the amp is reducing the resolution to 16/44.1 which is strange considering the amps ability but I am fine with this level because truth be told I cant tell the difference if above that level.

Would you be able to tell me what the nominal value equates to?

That’s the first time i hear this. I know Chromecast is limiting to 24/96, not allowing to pass full 24/192 if you have such recordings. But 320kbps? Not that i know of.

Seems to be software issue related to Amazon API. Many streamers and AIO’s have same “issue” with Amazon Music HD.
Hope they will update in some time, so that we can enjoy what Amazon calls Ultra HD.
For now i’m streaming Amazon Music using Chromecast. Sounds really good, and is MUCH more convenient, than using MusicLife app.

Yes, amazon do seem to make it difficult for other companies to integrate. I use a node 2i which supports full resolution and it is really nice but being able to cast straight out of the app like spotify and tidal would be much more convenient.

Unfortunately Chromecast is still not supported in high res according to the Amazon FAQ.

That’s actually interesting. A while ago there was some issue with Google Home app, which limited Chromecast capabilities. During that time my AM app was showing “HD”, no matter what i played. After Google Home update issue been fixed, and now Amazon shows “Ultra HD” during playback. So i assumed it is hi-res, just limited by Chromecast to 24/96. Was i wrong?
Geez, it’s sometimes so hard to follow what those companies do, what works with what and how…

Its crazy how difficult they make it. In all honesty if it’s sounding good then nothing else really matters

Don’t know, if it is still relevant to you.

I have the same problem. With Apple Music as well.

Qobuz works best for me. In fact, it is the only service that streams 24bit/96khz via Chromecast and the only one that works correctly (shows right Bitrate etc) on my PC/Dac (Windows, Ifi DAC v2)

Sadly, Qobuz has no suggest-algorithm etc. But i’m running out of Options… ^^