Sa30 WiFi issues

I’m new to the group and hifi in general. I had connection issues initially with my wifi but it’s been ok for awhile now. Seems like I have to reboot my WiFi every couple of days to keep the unit connected. But this morning I’ve tried rebooting WiFi twice and also unplugging the unit to reboot and still can not get connectivity. I had about a month with no issues. Any ideas?

Have you tried plugging in a network cable to rule out a broken network drive?
Maybe you should also try running a network reset?

I rebooted iPhone haha; I literally did it yesterday and didn’t think it was the issue but apparently it’s all good now. Getting new phone next month. Thanks for checking I’m loving my sa30 with ML 40i speakers and SVS 12 “sub.

Hi Cmgooch, welcome to the forum! Nice to read your issue is resolved.