SA30 operating internal temperature

Hi all. I just got a SA30. I turned it on and the volume was at 65. It was loud for sure, got scared. I tried to turn it down from the volume on the amp but did not work at all. I also tried to lower volume from remote that did not work at all either. I then paused the CD I was playing and factory reset, then volume started working. I let it play for a few hours at volume 10 or so then at about 45. It started to get warm to hot after a few hours and it stayed there after regardless of volume. This is via interconnect to CD input. I measure the temp inside with a IR thermometer and is between 110 to 120 Fahrenheit. This temperature is inside going through the openings up top. I would say is definitely warm to hot to the touch. Not hot that cannot keep the hand on it but definitely more than warm. I though class G would run cooler.
Just wondering if this has been the experience with anyone else, maybe my expectation of class G was different. Also I would think this amp needs a wire rack meaning no solid surface under it as it as opening slots above and below.

let’s start with the idea of Class G - the thing is that it runs full Class A from the beginning up to like 40-ish Watts, after that it switches to Class AB, so, depending on Your speakers it may vary, pairing with high-efficiency speakers with low impedance will make it run Class A most of the time which will end up with more heat generated.
Proper air circulation is always a good idea. Also having a cabinet/stand made out of something that absorbs heat would turn it into a radiator, which is fine also imo.
From what I noticed in my setup is that it runs warm from the very beginning but doesn’t exceed the point where I would call it hot. So the temperature stays at a “warm” level but never hot. Second thing is that there is overheating protection and I think You would notice - for sure it would not be stable or fully operational (most likely would shut itself off).

Yeah mine ran pretty warm as well. Didn’t seem to affect anything. I will say I had an Elac Alchemy amp that runs off a Hypex Class D module, which I thought those were suppose to run cool as well. It has a Class A input stage and I found that amp to be pretty warm to hot as well. I guess that’s just the way it is lol. But yeah, I was a bit surprised with how warm both these amps get.