Arcam SA30 heat


Can I ask what heat is your SA30/SA20 emitting? My SA30 heats up in an hour from cold gradually to actually hot when I put my hands on the grills. With or without the music playing. I use CD analogue direct input connected to PC via DAC.

I assume it’s the Class A always running in the “G” versions, especially on SA30 since higher power.


I would say you will have to be pushing some volume or have particularly hard speakers to drive to make it hot……but what is your definition of hot? In my experience I would describe my SA30 as usually warm, but would describe hot as not being able to touch it which wouldn’t seem right to me. In theory with more/better power delivery of SA30 over SA20 it doesn’t have to work as hard…

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Good question. I would say hot as leaving warm residue on the hand after holding it on grills for few seconds. But on the higher spectrum of not being able to hold a hand on it.

I had Arcam A28 and that one was “warmish”, SA30 is hot in comparison.

But actually I had now just moved it outside the shelf where it had 4-5 inch clearance onto the floor and it got cooler after an hour. It’s now “warm” you could say. I think the recommendation to have 12 inch clearance is really important.