No longer MQA when using TIDAL

No, we’ve had word that the change is being rolled back, so I’ll tentatively “hooray”.

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So that was a change on Tidal side?
Why it didn’t impact all streaming devices in the same way?
Asking just out of curiosity.

I’ll update the beta thread with more details.

Until this morning the mqa was not working. It started before noon and is working steadily at the moment

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Is this issue resolved? Same thing happened on my SA 30. Plays MQA on ROON, displays MQA on amp’s display.

No MQA display and all MQA files played on Musiclife or mconnect displays 44.1 or 48 without MQA display on amp.

Used to work fine on early May.

I have no such problems at my place, I described more in the post below.

Seems that the MP3 bug is back after the new update. Exactly the same behaviour as before. And I still miss a lot of features: more detailed info on tracks played, a home button to quickly go back to start screen, and adding albums to favourites.

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Same for me, I have an Arcam ST60 and MQA stopped to work about ten days ago.
i have tried all apps i could think off incl roon but no one off them passed the MQA stream to my DAC.
Tested apps. mconnectLite, BubbleUpnP, MusicLife.4.0.1, Roon.
However when i play downloaded MQA-files from my local network the MQA logo lights upp.

Anyone out there with an Arcam ST60 with the same issue.

@Arnjo Again, this is a change on TIDALs end we have no control over. If you install the latest beta code for your SA30, this supports the new method of MQA introspection.

Detailed info on the now playing screen is coming in the future.

If you are running iOS 14, and you’re on the MusicLife beta, you can press and hold the ‘back’ button to get a popup which lets you jump straight back to the home screen.

Albums can be added to favourites from the album detail screen. Press the ‘…’ button in the top right hand side and choose “Add to Home Screen”. We have a feature planned to add albums from a listing view (e.g. top albums), which will be implemented soon.

If you don’t have access to the beta let me know and we can add you.

@Trogge see above. DM me and we can supply you with a beta firmware for your ST60. However Roon should already support the new MQA introspection, as it handles the decoding itself.

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I cant find the DM function. Can you help please?

Thank you.

I am very interested in the beta firmware for my ST 60.

If possible, set me up for the beta test program.

Best regards

I have 1.62 net 1027. And there is no available update and still MP3.

The long press on back was great. Any more such hidden features?

Skickat från min iPhone

It’s a bit confusing, but it’s not really MP3. It’s still MQA, but the net module is reporting the container as MPEG, which MusicLife then happily displays as MP3. I’d say 9/10 times, the container is correctly reported as FLAC (with MQA inside), but every now and again the module reports MPEG. I don’t know why. I think I put a workaround in MusicLife beta, but it may be in the ‘show more info’ update that isn’t available yet.

1.62/1027 is the last public release, which doesn’t support the ‘new’ MQA introspection method. If you are on the beta forum group, any of the betas there do support the new method. If you’re not in that group, let me know and I can ask the forum admin to invite you.

I’d love to take credit for the long press, but thats actually a new iOS feature. All I did was add the back button titles so the little context menu wasn’t completly blank. The good thing though is you can now use that shortcut for any app.

I did try to join the beta forum group for amp updates but I guess it was full, so if you can ask them to invite me I would be happy.

Hi @Arnjo you’ve been added. Head on over to the beta forum to get the latest firmware.

As an owner of an avr20 I know I am not in the right group but I have the same problem playing mqa files.

Hi @arcam_paul, so are we saying here that the issues over Tidal MQA files (96-192kHz) not ‘appearing’ to be played on the SA30 whilst everything seems OK in the musiclife app, can be resolved by downloading various updates on firmware? If so, could you please advise me (us) how to go about doing this. Many thanks

This is a really irritating bug. I hope it’s going to be fixed soon. MQA works with roon but I think the sound is much better when streaming over an Upnp app so I’m on my way to change my streaming service over to Audirvana. But Audirvana doesn’t recognise my SA30 as an MQA Dac anymore…
@arcam_paul I’m also interested in some firmware that’s enabling MQA.

Audirvana has never recognized my SA30 as a MQA Dac…

But when you manually set your SA30 as an MQA Dac in Audirvana, surely your SA30 has interpreted the files as MQA when you streamed that format before this bug?