Newbie: Issues with airplay2 streaming

Hi all,

First post as new to all of this and only got my Sa30 last week. I am having issues with airplay 2 and a long delay before the amp starts playing music. The display shows the track etc so I know it is getting data but there is a long, sometimes up to minute, delay until the music starts, obviously not at the start of the track. This could be something simple as my network being too slow but I can stream movies to the TV sitting next to the amp with no issues.

Please point me to earlier or similar discussions if there are some!


Do you mean waking up the amp by playing via airplay or just playing when is already on?

Hi, just playing when already on.

Thats not normal. Try full reset. Mine plays in 1 sec

Thanks. Pardon my ignorance but how do I do that?

Go to the main menu- net reset and tgen system reset as well. Then you have to set it up again