MusicLife on ARCAM ST60 streamer

I am using a Synology NAS with Synology Media Player.
MusicLife on my Android (Samsung S20) will only show about 30% of my music.
Any solutions please?
Using Plex shows all my music so there is nothing wrong with the media player.

Ditch DS Audio and use MinimServer. I have a Synology NAS and that’s what I do. MinimServer is superb and allows for tons of options when it comes to tagging your music.

Hi Shindles,

Welcome to the forum! I’m not sure I fully understand your usecase. Please confirm:

  • Synology Media Server is running on your NAS
  • if you browse your music collection through MusicLife then only 30% of your music collection is visible
  • if you browse your music collection through PlexAmp then the entire collection is visible
  • in both cases Synology Media Server is used

Absolutely correct.

I will give it a go, thanks for the suggestion Paul.

Will MinimServer work with MusicLife or do you have a better suggestion for access on my Android phone?

I use MusicLife on Apple IOS and with that MinimServer works perfectly. The only thing I will point out is you have to manually tell it to index. MinimServer is free also. Don’t get confused on the premium upgrade you don’t need it.

Since PlexAmp is able to view the entire collection whilst MusicLife is not I think the cause is related to to the client (MusicLife) and not the server part (Synology Media Server). I’ll try to reproduce it somewhere next week.

I think the problem has resolved itself. As my music library has over 50,000 tracks it took 3 days for MediaServer (and MinimServer) to index them!
I am now in complete control via MusicLife and Flex.
Thank you to Paulguk and Jvs1 for their patience and ideas.

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Ok I thought I had a lot of music at just under 38000 tracks!.

I love Minimserver. I use another program called mp3tag to do all the tagging. All my music is in FLAC format and that is a brilliant bit of software for tagging.

I have used Tag&Rename for many years. It’s good too including FLAC.
Does MinimServer have an interface. I can’t seem to get past the first screen after putting in the music folder path.
Is there an alternative to Arcam’s MusicLife as it’s causing problems again by limiting tracks?

No it just shows up in your UPNP app of choice with all the sub labels (artists / album artists etc).