Track stops after approx. 10 mins

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 version 1.62, build 1027 is used
  2. start Arcam Music Life Android app, build 895 is used
  3. Play a long track from Qobuz e.g. Echoes from Pink Floyd

Actual result
Song stops playing after approx. 10 mins

Expected result
Song plays to the end

Additional information
If there is a next song in your playlist it will start playing it

After playing several songs the SA30 displays Root Airable while still playing songs from Qobuz.
It should display Qobuz.

I’ll pass this over to the Android team, thanks!

@arcam_paul any news on new MusicLife version, both for Android and iOS?

Hi @Felix I wanted this update out by now but we’ve hit a couple of issues. The team is working hard on clearing through these issues, but unfortunately I can’t give a time line at the moment, sorry!

Fair enough, thanks for update.
Have you thought about potential beta programme for Android app?

Yes we have actually! We’ve got an alpha, or internal track, on the go right now. We should definitely be able to accomodate that, although it’s not quite as straightforward as iOS with TestFlight. It’s done through the Play Store, which is nice though so you can update builds directly from that.

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This sounds a lot like my Qobuz issues mentioned on the 1.62 thread over the weekend.

DRIVING ME NUTS! I was kind of looking forward to leaving tidal behind but seems like I won’t be for now until this is sorted. I’ve tried all sorts including trying to work out up if there is something going wrong on my router settings for UPnP, or other devices interfering. Just when I think perhaps it’s settled, it happens again. I’m not convinced it’s necessarily an Arcam issue as I read so much online about Qobuz streams randomly stopping or skipping elsewhere…read reports of clearing caches but that’s not possible with the SA30. The frustrating thing is the Qobuz app playback direct on the device I have it is totally fine.