HELP! SA30 Clicking sound and won't turn on after software update


So the title is pretty self explanatory.

saved a lot of money to get the SA30 and got it today.

started updating the version via the online method (IP Address on browster download and intstall)

the second the install was done on the screen of the SA30, it switched off and started to make weird clicking sounds. won’t turn on no matter what I do.

please help me!

thank you


It is maybe this problem which is known and described at Arcam. ”Power relay constantly clicking or unit power-cycling every couple of seconds that is NOT RESOLVED BY UNPLUGGING AVATAR MODULE”

Guess you have to send it in to get it fixed. Contact ARCAM support and ask what to do.


Thanks for that,

Do you have a link to the thread/article about this common issue? already send it to be fixed but would love to read more

Under ”Index of service” there are a couple of service instructions, you will find the information there. Last one at the bottom…

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