No 'Click' When Booting Up = No Audio

Anyone who owns an SA30 will know that when you switch the unit on, as part of the booting up process you will hear a click.

I originally bought an SA30 in March 2020 and it developed a fault where periodically the click wouldn’t happen when you turned the unit on, and as a result there was no audio.

I got Richer Sounds to send the amp back to Arcam, but because the fault is so intermittent they didn’t find anything.

The fault persisted so eventually Richer Sounds replaced the unit for a brand new one a couple of months back.

All has been fine, but last night I turned the amp on and had the same problem.

I’m at a loss to know what I can do, but can’t say I’m impressed with Arcam at all.

I got rid of my SA30 & bought another brand amp, been so happy as the SA30 was nothing but giving me headaches, would do multiple clicks when booting up, would not turn on from standby. My advise if you want peace of mind, just trade or sell it…


Out of curiosity, what amp have you got?