No response to remote control

Hi. My SA30 has been working perfectly, however tonight while going through System Settings and using the remote control when attempting to change the timeout time, I somehow got onto a screen that I didn’t recognise (cannot recall what it said!). When I got out of the screen and back to my normal display the amp gave no response to the remote control at all. I changed batteries and reset the remote control (I’m assuming that the remote doesn’t need reconnecting to the amp) just in case but no change. I have turned off the unit and turned back on but this made no difference. Can anybody suggest anything? I have no info regarding build number since I don’t think I can now access it. Presumably if worst comes to worst I can reset the amplifier back to factory defaults. Thanks in anticipation.

Have just found out that I changed the System Code to 19, having gone back to 16, the remote is now fully functional.

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