HDMI from Laptop for Stereo?

Does anyone know if the HDMI in works with a stereo feed from a laptop, I know in the past I’ve plugged an HDMI lead straight from Laptop to my AVR and watched videos and it’s just worked, I haven’t needed to go into sound manager or anything to change any settings.
I can’t though seem to get it to play stereo from an HMDI output on the laptop, I’ve looked in sound settings and the Arcam / HDMI output isn’t visible anywhere?

If I can I’d like to us this as an input for running some REW mesurements.

First of all it’s e-Arc

Your AVR did what it did as it’s job is to distribute both the audio and the video signal from source and allow any Dolby surround or atmos or whatever to be decoded.

Your SA30 will only accept an audio signal on the e-Arc HDMI input, which it expects to be PCM stereo. Manual I believe states risk of damage if you get this wrong, but assuming your laptop complies with the amp capability then fine.


I’ve tested it again today, if I plug it into my AVR the sound settings on my laptop show the AVR in output and it’s properties are stereo (I can switch it to surround) but if I take the lead and plug it into the Arcam the laptop doesn’t see it at all and it doesn’t show up as an output.

Any ideas what it may be?

Your laptop will have to be able to do ARC/e-ARC

If it can’t do that you will have to consider a different output, or else convert the audio channel on your HDMI output to digital audio optical converter for instance, and then connect that up to the appropriate amp input.

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