HDMI and TV duties (with and without DIRAC)

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I just discovered this great forum as I am considering purchasing the SA30. I have already read through quite a lot of threats and found them super useful but also quite concerning to be honest. I am happy to see that a lot of the initial software issues are fully or partly resolved but one area remains a bit unclear:

Are there lip-sync issues when using the HDMI with and without DIRAC applied?
I keep reading about the 150ms delay affecting the digital inputs which is of course quite concerning… Has this been resolved or is it still an issue?

My thinking is that such a big input delay will almost definitely cause lip-sync issues if using HDMI and / or optical input for TV duties.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

I notice it. it is small but noticed

Hello Yko74, welcome to the forum! If you will experience lip sync issues depends on the used TV set and/or the used connection (HDMI/arc or digital coax) to the SA30. I do not experience any audio delay anymore with my Samsung TV model UE46F6500 connected through HDMI. Some other forum user report there are still issue with other TV sets, refer to ARC: audio and video are not in sync, ref#52

From Async Issue with all digital inputs, ref#85 it appears there are still audio delays once you connect through the digital coax connection. I belief this issue still exists, I cannot conform because I do not use this setup.

I would advise to try out your specific setup first before buying the SA30, maybe your dealer can assist you with this?

Hope this helps.