Harmon buys Roon

Does that effect us in a positive way as far as upgrades, would be nice

Would be wonderful if the apparent demise of Arcam Control and Music Life was in fact because a free Roon licence is coming for us all instead. It’s not something I’d bet on though.

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Given that Roon requires a server its not really a drop in replacement at this point.
It’s possible Harman want to move towards a single control and management app, but not sure Roon is good for that.

Hopefully it helps drive some more professional development techniques and better code quality at Roon and gives them some more resources for the future.

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No, i’m sure not.
They are not willing to upgrade firmware in our amps, and you would like them to give us very expensive software for free? :slight_smile:

Yeah I do,i want Arcam to upgrade tidal connect to show flac don’t you? And nowhere in my comments did I say I wanted a free roon subscription. Have a samich dude dang! :slightly_smiling_face: