Feature request, MusicLife: pre-select remote control device, based on current audio output device

Short description of requested feature

Device, that will be controlled by MusicLife remote control application (volume control, inputs, power etc.) should be chosen automatically if playback is started, based on current audio output device.
This option would eliminate unneeded user interaction when trying to control the device with ML application.
I believe that current way of working is based on assumption, that user can have multiple Arcam/Harman devices to control. It makes sense when starting the app only for remote control, but during playback i would like to have quick access to controls, which is now not the case.

How could that work?

  1. Start playback to SA30
  2. Open remote control in MusicLife app
  3. Remote is opening automatically, without user having to choose IP of the device to be controlled. Device for remote control is chosen by app automatically, based on current audio output device.

Alternative solution:
Introduce option to choose default device for remote control, which can be changed if needed in app settings.

User community interest

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  • I don’t care.

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