Feature request, Firmware: direct access to airable favourites

Short description of requested feature

Possibility to directly access/start playing airable favorites using I.e. color/teletext buttons on remote.

How could that work?

  1. Find I.e. radio station using MusicLife app or web client, and add it to favorites
  2. Assign one of the color buttons on remote to that station:
    a. By navigating to that station using SA30 airable menu, choosing it and pressing I.e. red button for 3 seconds.
    b. By using new option in MusicLife app and/or web client
  3. Press assigned button and favorite station will start playing. Ideally this should also work from standby.

User community interest

Would you be interested in such feature? Please reply to the poll.

  • I like this feature request, please consider it.
  • I don’t care.

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With build 867 the situation has improved drastically. Now it is already possible to select favourite radio streams with the Arcam remote control. I believe it is select on remote control: Net => favourite => select your favourite radio stream. The favourite radio stream can be assign in Music Life app. Before 867 the selection of favourite radio streams with the remote control wasn’t possible.

The advantage of this feature request is that it reduces the amount of user interaction. It is simple press one button. This advantage is leveraged even more once you have a couple of favourite radio streams. More favourite radio streams means you have to scroll through them (this results in even more button presses).

I like it, for me it would be a yes please consider it.

Yes, i know the improvements in 867 and they are very much welcome.
But if only possible and feasible i would like to take it even further :slight_smile:
For example i don’t see my wife navigating through the menu, but if i tell her “just press the red button and it will start playing your favorite radio” she would be very happy.
Had this option in Marantz AVR. Very convenient.


Indeed, if WAF can be increased then is definitely a candidate to be considered :smile: