Alt Remote Control

Hello, do you know any alternate Remote Control with those features and work with the SA30 :
Sound +/-
Input select +/-
With a beautiful design.
An exemple of Remote control very great : the Michi one → Michi Remote control


Except for universal remotes like Logitech Harmony, i don’t think there’s any.
With one exception - JBL SA750 remote looks much nicer than SA30 remote, and it should work. Issue is, i haven’t found it anywhere. Hope it will show up one day as a “spare part”, so i can replace this gigantic (yet very functional) piece of plastic that came with Arcam :slight_smile:

It should be a great idea. I have seen that the JBL SA750 is a very little bit simpler than the Arcam one. JBL SA750 design is better. But I will see the price VS benefit.

Thx for the suggestion.