Favourite Target Curve

I am using max 6dB of gain above speakers response, and often looking on “corrected” spread
Found advice in this article

Dirac Live filters are delivered within the DSP of the AV product and at most can add 8dB. It is not wise to use all this gain as it can be detrimental to sound quality. On the flip side, Dirac can reduce output endlessly. Large peaks in the measured response can easily be flattened for much smoother sound but large troughs in the measured output are much harder to correct. You should insert a “notch” into the target curve to reduce the gain that Dirac Live will attempt to add at that frequency. You can verify the effect of the target by checking the “corrected” box on the right hand side column (under the channel groups). This will show you the expected corrected response that Dirac will achieve. If the trough is significant in size, Dirac may not be able to fully correct it anyway.


But again - this is only just lowering the volume. If you’re not listening on high volume levels, you’re good. If you are, you can just use “max volume” options of the amp, so “reserve” some headroom and make sure you will not go above safe levels and stress the speakers.
Set max volume to 80, and if i remember correctly, it should give you roughly 10dB of headroom.

Yes indeed! Dirac Live is a powerful tool. Correcting that large of a room suckout in the bass to flat can expose the woofers to extreme excursions if a track has a strong bass line or a kick drum in that range. You can quickly bust the voice coil as it hits the magnet. Felix is spot on here to warn others of over correcting bass suckouts with Dirac or any other EQ. Its better to move the speakers or add a subwoofer and remeasure.

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Great discussion here. So to the dip thing - thats my point with lowering the entire curve - or am I wrong? Btw - what I uploaded was only the right speaker, the left has no dip.

Did any of you try to replicate BW Nautilus or KEF Blade curves?

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can anybody help where I can dowload NAD curve and other curves? I have downloaded HK curve from Arcam site☺️


and some reading

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Mat, di you have idea if other “brand speakers” curves are available for download?

I haven’t found anything like that. You need to create one on your own based on graphs.

There aren’t “speakers” curves.
Dirac target curve is rather your personal preference (or audio company) about sound, hence word “target”
In simple words, people like different sound, some like bass bump parts, someone vocals, others instrumental “space”

In Dirac Live your speaker brand realises as measurement.
Applying DL correction you receive target profile of sound

This is the readings I got after taking readings and showing the default curve. I welcome any suggestions on areas to adjust. Thanks.

What about right channel? It’s the same or there are some differences?

Here is the right channel. I liked the sound but it was bit bass light so i added 1 db at the ledge around 35hz (ringed). It sounds pretty good as is but welcome any suggestions to improve more.

left speaker is near corner or some furniture?
Differences in real curve and desired should’t be more than 6dB in plus because it can cause distortions
Differences in minus doesn’t have such negative impact
I marked problematic areas.