Daikin Aircon remote control interfears with ARCAM


I had a Daikin AC installed today, and I noticed that when I increase the temperature of the AC with the remote control it switches on the ARCAM !!
Is there anything to configure to avoid that !

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Yes you can change channel on the remote for the SA30. Take a look in the manual for a how to.

I called ARCAM today and the advice the engineer provided was to set net standby to ON.
Apparently the issue I mentioned is known and will be fixed in the next release.
Also this setting makes the SA30 booting faster when switching on, but might consume more power when being in standby.
At least it fixes my pb.

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Sounds to be related / similar to the next issue. I have no update regarding the issue below.

the engineer from Arcam seem to have confirmed that any IR remote is doing that.