Audio formats played by SA30, ref#94

What happens if you click play now in your last screenshot?

Unable to replace playlist

It seems to be a problem with MusicLife, the SA30 icw your DLNA source. I created a ticket for it. All we can do is wait for further information.

Thank you very much !

The latest info on this issue is that the problem has probably to do with the Linksys’ DLNA server. I asked for an instruction how to further diagnose the problem. The answer is pending.

This was posted recently on AVForums, list was supplied by Arcam

DSD and MQA are not in the list for some reason

Sorry these are images so don’t line up but the ”y” column I guess is somewhat redundant :slightly_smiling_face:

FLACs works only through web client, USB also. , I couldn’t understand why these can’t be played through dedicated application ? What is the problem ?

The problem why your flac files cannot be played through mconnect and MusicLife app (perhaps other apps too) and can be played through USB and the webclient has probably to do with the DNLA capabilities of your Linksys router. I said probably because further diagnoses is required to be certain it is caused by your router. I asked for more information how to further diagnose the problem. At this point all I can do is wait for further instructions.

OK, but the web interface also reads from DLNA , right or I’m wrong ?

If you’re using UPnP through the web client then it uses DNLA capabilities of your router. If you’re using usb through the web client then it doesn’t.

Could you perform the following steps and report the outcome:

  1. Does the SA30 play flac files from your Linksys router through the web client? Refer to UPnP in my first screenshot in this topic, (I thought it did play, just to confirm)

  2. Please setup an alternative DLNA server (just to rule out your router, for diagnose purposes only) e.g. MinimServer 0.8 on a pc. Point this at the files on the USB drive, then fire up MusicLife or mconnect. If that works, then its easy to point the finger at the Linksys DLNA server.

I will do this later this evening or tomorrow and will report , thank you

  1. SA30 plays FLAC from the HDD , which is inserted in the router, through UPNP / DLNA Webclient.
  2. I set Minim server 0.8 DLNA server on my PC , with Music Life and mConnect works fine
    So we are pointing Lynksys DLNA server :))))) , but next question is how to fix this problem ???
    But Webclient also using this DLNA service from my router , right ?

I think you found the culprit. The LinkSys DLNA implementation icw MusicLife and mconnect app seems to behave like you outlined in this post. I think the next step is to open a ticket at the LinkSys support desk. Direct them to this thread and they should be able to further diagnose the problem.

This will be great ! Thank you very much

Your last remark got me started to think :wink:

The MusicLife app cannot be ruled out completely. The Arcam developer wants to obtain some information that could reveal the cause. This information contains the response the LinkSys is sending to the request MusicLife is making. He is investigating to create a MusicLife build with a save button. After you press this button the required information will be saved into a file. You have to send this file (PM it to me, I’ll forward it).

In order to get this build you have to be on the beta track. Are you already subscribe to Music Life beta builds? Refer to here how to get the build.

I can not test beta apps , but yesterday I tested similar Linksys router , so FLACs work through his DLNA server. It seems the unit I have in my office is something bad. Will try to re-load the FW in the router via USB

You do not have to test beta apps. The Music Life app will contain function to debug this situation. The earliest possible moment for you to obtain this function is through the beta channel. If you cannot enrol on the beta track then you cannot obtain the required debug information necessary for troubleshooting. It is possible to wait until the function is available in a regular Music Life version in the app store. Please let me know how do you wish to continue.

THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED! I turned off shared folders in the router , so all folders are shared by default, then created new directory and moved all the files there. After several tries the router saw new folder and now all tracks running fine with Music Life and mConnect. Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:
Now if you can fix webinterface to work on mobile phones will be cool . And if you can add USB in MusicLife also will be great.

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Nice the problem is resolved :slight_smile:

Please create a new topic in the issues category, detail it (e.g. add screenshots) and it will be sorted out.

I don’t think USB support will ever be added to the Music Life app, refer to post below for more info.