Playing from USB not possible, ref#87


  • USB stick is formatted with FAT32 and contains two .flac files in a folder.

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 build 634 version 1.27 is used
  2. mount the USB stick in USB socket that is underneath the Ethernet socket on the backside of the SA30
  3. goto web client, select usb

Actual result
No .flac files visible, refer to screenshot below:

Expected result
An USB folder should be visible, in this folder the folder with .flac files should be visible. Refer to screenshot below:

Additional information

The following SA30 firmwares are tested:

  • build 521 version 1.21: passed
  • build 623 version 1.25.4: failed
  • build 634 version 1.27: failed

Somewhere in between build 512 and 623 the USB playing functionality got broken.

Latest response:

I’ve been told this has been fixed in the past week or so, will be available in the next beta!

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Retested with following versions, result is not passed yet.

  • SA30 firmware version v1.33, build 705