Audio formats played by SA30, ref#94

Does SA30 plays FLACs ? Yesterday I tried to run some flacs over the net from my USB , which is inserted in my router, but no any success. Please share your experience.

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Hello tivanov, welcome to the forum! SA30 is able to play flac files. If you setup a DLNA server on your router and configure it to publish the usb drive with DLNA then you should be able to use the Music Life app to play these files.

Maybe it is more convenient to plug the USB stick in the USB slot on the back of the SA30 (just below the RJ45 network outlet), point your browser to <ip address of the SA30>/webclient, select usb and play the files, refer to screenshot below.


You can also setup a DLNA server on your pc or NAS and configure it to publish music files. You can select the UPnP option in the screenshot above to select music files (or you can use the Music Life app).

Ok, when the usb is in the amp works, but I have to see is it possible to set DLNA server on my router Linksys EA6350. Thanks

I believe it is not possible to install a DNLA server on the mentioned router. You might have to ask the manufacturer or read some manuals. I think the routers firmware cannot be changed and is very limited in customization.

Installing a DNLA server on a router is also a very non-typical usage scenario of a consumer router box. A typical consumer router is capable of routing, firewalling and some traffic shaping/prioritisation. The DNLA server package could be installed on a regular Linux of FreeBSD box which serves also as router.

Why do you have to serve the music from an USB stick through your router? Why not keep things simple and plug the USB stick in the rear of the SA30?

Ok, because I’m using my phone couldn’t check the router when I got the reply , so just before two minutes I took a laptop and opened the router’s menu. There is enabled DLNA server on it , so I did this probably 6-7 months ago. The question is why the SA30 can’t play flacs ?
I’m using USB HDD in router to have more devices connected to shared folder.
Here is a picture with file details

Music life app

Go the screenshot in my first post and select UPnP. If your router is visible than the SA30 is able to see the DNLA service on your router. If not you have to trouble shoot the cause.

You can also select browse in the screenshot you attached. You should be able to see your router’s DNLA service. If not you have to trouble shoot the cause.

It works through web interface fine, except I can scroll the folders on my phone, the webpage is not dynamic , with my laptop there is no problem to scroll between folders.

With mconnectLite and Music Life is not possible :))))

Please paste a screenshot of right after the start of MusicLife. Relevant part is the text below ‘choose a music source to begin playing’.

OK, here are several screenshots , choosing what to play

What happens if you click play now in your last screenshot?

Unable to replace playlist

It seems to be a problem with MusicLife, the SA30 icw your DLNA source. I created a ticket for it. All we can do is wait for further information.

Thank you very much !

The latest info on this issue is that the problem has probably to do with the Linksys’ DLNA server. I asked for an instruction how to further diagnose the problem. The answer is pending.

This was posted recently on AVForums, list was supplied by Arcam

DSD and MQA are not in the list for some reason

Sorry these are images so don’t line up but the ”y” column I guess is somewhat redundant :slightly_smiling_face:

FLACs works only through web client, USB also. , I couldn’t understand why these can’t be played through dedicated application ? What is the problem ?

The problem why your flac files cannot be played through mconnect and MusicLife app (perhaps other apps too) and can be played through USB and the webclient has probably to do with the DNLA capabilities of your Linksys router. I said probably because further diagnoses is required to be certain it is caused by your router. I asked for more information how to further diagnose the problem. At this point all I can do is wait for further instructions.

OK, but the web interface also reads from DLNA , right or I’m wrong ?

If you’re using UPnP through the web client then it uses DNLA capabilities of your router. If you’re using usb through the web client then it doesn’t.

Could you perform the following steps and report the outcome:

  1. Does the SA30 play flac files from your Linksys router through the web client? Refer to UPnP in my first screenshot in this topic, (I thought it did play, just to confirm)

  2. Please setup an alternative DLNA server (just to rule out your router, for diagnose purposes only) e.g. MinimServer 0.8 on a pc. Point this at the files on the USB drive, then fire up MusicLife or mconnect. If that works, then its easy to point the finger at the Linksys DLNA server.