ARC: audio and video are not in sync, ref#52

Wholeheartedly agree - came too late for the volume issue.

ARCAM send me a newer beta version that addresses the issue of latency. In my case it reduced the latency over digital Inputs. Using YouTube AV Sync for my Browser (Firefox or Chrome) I still need to set the sync to -45ms to -50ms to get rid of the delay completely.
Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share the beta with you, but they said they are going to release a new version at the beginning of next week. Let’s hope they can reduce the latency even further.

Thank you for the update. Good to read that the new firmware version addresses (part) of the delay you’re experiencing. No problem about not being allowed to share the beta.

So there’s a new firmware out, v1.33 (software v705) - the delay has been addressed but not solved - it’s considerably shorter now (think slap delay on surf records) but still there.

In the v705 release there are now “lip syc” settings for each input. Does this help to address it?

That was allready in the beta firmware. Since the delay can only be increased with this function it is quiet useless in this case. If you have a TV that lags behind, this could fix it for you.

I retested the issue stated in the starting topic with SA30 firmware version v1.33, build 705. I have to say there is a huge improvement compared with build mentioned in the starting topic.

TL;DR if played over SA30 only it is in sync, if played over SA30 and TV speaker it is not perfectly in sync.

There is some different behaviour with the new build compared to the build mentioned in the starting topic. Now it is possible to have the TV sound played over the internal Samsung TV speaker and the Arcam SA30. If the TV sound is played over both then there is a slight delay noticeable. If you play the TV sound over the SA30 only then I have to say the TV sound is in sync with the video.

I transitioned this issue to closed.

Hey, I wholeheartedly disagree. There is still a delay and it’s well audible and definitely NOT in sync with what’s playing from the internal TV speakers, which we should assume for this comparison to be “in sync” with video. From what I can hear, the delay is still in the +30 milliseconds which is not only audible but also “feelable” if you, say, press a trigger in a game and expect a certain sound as a reaction.

It’s better, but it’s not good enough. Halfway there.

Video played back only through digital still doesn’t feel natural if you are watching the news for example.

Please don’t close this issue

I’d be interested to hear a response from service.

@jvs1 have you tried to approximately level match the two signals? It’s sounds like there is reverberation all of a sudden. If the delay was smaller than 30ms it should sound like phasing, as in, waves cancelling eachother out.

I really don’t understand how they have this problem in the first place. They have been making AV-Receivers for a long time. Should audio sync not be on the basic to do and check list for them. Especially with a product, that comes with eARC functionality.

I really hope they will fix this soon. This is not a cheap unit and it should work as advertised out of the box.

You’re right the issue is not solved completely, therefore it shouldn’t be closed.

The way I measure the video and audio are out of sync in this issue is rather subjective an inaccurate. I play the video listed in the topic start and I have to hear and see if video and audio are in sync. From what I can hear and see from this video it appears that with build 705 the audio and video are in sync within the 0 ms section (refer to red arrow in screenshot below). When I reported this issue with build 521 it was in the +60 ms section. So far the ‘good’ news, with the new build you can hear the TV audio through the TV speaker and SA30. Only with this ‘new feature’ I’m able to hear that it is not completely in sync, it is a little bit off. Due to the small scale of the time axis in the video I cannot tell what the delay is in ms. I do not now how to measure this any further and tell how much ms the audio and video are out of sync.

I’m no expert on the eARC stuff, but because the SA30 is not an AV-Receiver I think it can not delay the video signal because that signal is not going through the device. So to keep up with the video all it can do is minimize the delay in the audio signal as much as possible, which this release has improved upon a lot. It would be nice if the delay could be zero, but I doubt that will be reachable.

I did find the new release’s delay to be acceptable when watching a music video.

I’m no expert neither but I think you’re right. Only audio is transmitted over the HDMI ARC cable. All they can do is minimize the audio delay near 0.

  • Wikipedia: ARC is an audio link meant to replace other cables between the TV and the A/V receiver or speaker system.

  • HDMI 1.4b Specification: Audio Return Channel (ARC) allows an HDMI-connected TV to send audio data “upstream” to an AVR or soundbar with an HDMI cable, eliminating the need for a separate audio cable and making it easier to bring immersive movie theater sound to the living room.

What about a film dialogue? The delay was very noticeable with the previous 521 build. I didn’t have a try to watch a film with the build 705 yet.

@AleisterCrumpet Could you please specify how you performed the measurement? E.g. video footage used, steps executed and how did you read 30 ms?

With the new release similar to music video, so the delay is just noticable, but not too annoying.

True, unless eARC has an option for the receiver to “send a command” to the TV to delay the video, but I don’t think that exists.

Is there any news on this issue. This has been open for a year now.

From what I can see and hear I cannot reproduce this issue in firmware SA30 build 1206 version 1.7 anymore. It seems to be resolved. Maybe this has been fixed in an earlier build, I will mark this issue as solved now.

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Although merged with another topic for the sake of oversight, this issue remains unsolved, with the SA30 introducing a delay of the audio to video of 150ms+ .

Users who are looking to pair this amp with their TV should be aware of this.

Still experience this problem using my SA30 with an LG C1. Quite disappointed about this. Bought my SA30 about 5 months ago and my LG C1 1 month ago. I also have a Popcorn A500 which actually can solve lipsync problems (also when video is ahead of audio). Why can’t they do that at Arcam?

With the last firmware, you can lip-sync each input.

How does that work ?