ARC: audio and video are not in sync, ref#52

In the menu Audio Settings, You have Lip Sync submenu and you can set 0 to 200ms to each input.

Lipsync doesn’t work if sound is lagging the video. By delaying you would make sound lag even more.

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Hi new to this forum however have same lip sync problem via optical and cant get any sound via HDMI - I have borrowed a Naim Uniti Star and Roksan Attessa and no issues with lip-sync so cant be anything other than the Arcam SA30 as the the others work fine with my TV and cables. Have tried everything to get HDMI working on the SA30 but cant.

Sound delay of ~150ms is there, Arcam knows about this, they are “working on it”.
You can learn more here Delay on digital and analog inputs - #4 by eeck

Regarding the HDMI - make sure the audio mode on TV is set to PCM, auto did not work for me.

Suggest you also write to official support to show how many customers are impacted by the problems.

Hi and thanks for the reply - I did what you suggested and Iv also sent a ticket to Arcam
Still nothing via hdmi so using tv with optical at the moment- lip sync problem but I’ll have to put up with the moment.

This issue has been open since the SA30 was released. I would not hold my breath. I advise you to return the unit, unless you can live with it.

Maybe this is irrelevant but since my LG C1 is connected to my SA30 using a fibre HDMI 2.1 8K cable through eARC, I don’t have lip sync issues anymore. The eARC protocol includes lip sync as far as I know.

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I managed to get hdmi / eArc working- lip sync improved but not perfect through 8k cable - as I needed the unit for tv and stereo I decided to send it back - loved it for streaming but awful for TV - just purchased the Marantz 40n which has good reviews so let’s see how that goes - thanks for the feedback!

I meant to add the Marantz 40n knocks the socks off the SA30 - plenty of power & amazing lows mids and highs and sound floods the room through my little Spendor A2 speakers - I really am amazed how good this is. Tried through TV … lip sync perfect through eArc and sound / vocals really impressive! Obviously this is my view but really worth a demo as don’t think anyone could be disappointed!