Amazon music on SA30, ref#74


Has anybody managed to stream Amazon Music on the SA30?
Using the web client I can navigate to a screen which has a login for Amazon but it will not allow me to enter username and password.

I cannot even cast from the Amazon app using the “Connect to a device” option on the Amazon app. It says “Sorry we cannot find any devices”

Any help gratefully received.

Hi Gryffe, Wecome to the forum! Did you already try the latest beta MusicLife on iOS? Go to post below and click on the link how to obtain it.

Thanks for welcome. Would try Music App on iOS, but I have an android phone.

The Music Life app on Android is currently being improved, there is an issue which prevents it from starting. Anyway I will inquiry about your question and keep you posted.

Thanks. Hopefully the android app for Music Life works soon

I asked to have a look at your question, this is the response:

We’re currently unable to support Amazon Music, but we’re in talks with both them and our services platform to bring support.

In the mean time the SA30 does also support Google Cast so the customer should be able to Cast directly from the Amazon Music app on their Android device.

Thanks for reply. Google cast not working for me, I’ll contact Amazon

Are you aware that Google Cast does not work sometimes? Especially after an SA30 firmware upgrade? You have to use Google Home and setup your SA30, next SA30 will be ‘visible’ through Google Cast. I’ll try and see if I can find the relevant support ticket for you.

I found it, the workaround is described in the ticket. Here it is:

Amazon Music HD kept dropping out every time after a track or so. After trying out various things over a few weeks, like updating the SA30 software, I simply switched to Qobuz and it streams perfectly. So that’s my solution.

assuming you are chrome casting or Airplay since Amazon music is still not airable as far as I can see. Would be interested to hear how you got Qobuz perfectly working as I’m having no end of trouble at the moment!