After updating SA30 two devices are visible in Music Life app, ref#33

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30
  2. start Arcam Music Life app, build 3004 is used
  3. play a radio stream
  4. perform manual upgrade of the Arcam SA30 from version 1.12 (build 403) to 1.21 (build 512)
  5. perform a factory reset: System Settings > System Reset
  6. perform a network reset: System Settings > Net Reset
  7. Audio Settings > TV Audio > Auto (enable ARC for TV)
  8. Network Settings > Net Standby > On (required to wake unit up from standby when using ARC)
  9. start Arcam Music Life app
  10. go to audio output

Actual result
Arcam SA30 is listed twice under upnp renderers.

Expected result
Arcam SA30 should be listed once upnp renderers.

After I updated to new SA30 firmware build 592 / v1.24 I noticed there is a fourth devices visible now.

Arcam is aware of this issue and is looking at solutions without breaking legacy product support.

Any time the net module is updated or factory reset, the unique device number changes so the app considers it a new device.