Wakeup time from standby

Hi folks,

i’m considering to buy an SA30 for testing against my Lyngdorf TDAI-1120.

Ahead, i have a short question, that an already owner surely can answer. :slight_smile:

I exclusively listen over a streaming service (QoBuz → Chromecast)… Somewhere, i read, the device is taking long to power on… How about standby wakeup? Speaking, how long does it take if the device is in standby and i choose it as a playback device in my Qobuz app?

Any other known issus still present, that might speak up against the amp?

How is the dirac live result? Did anyone already test the new “autocurve”-feature?

Best regards and many thanks,

As for wakeup time, with NET Standby option enabled, in my case it takes 3 seconds from the moment i click play in Roon, to having music playing. Not bad really :slight_smile:
With Chromecast it’s maybe a second longer?
Dirac sounds great, but haven’t tried autocurve - using my own curves.
I think only issue still present is HDMI lip sync issue, that some are experiencing.


6 seconds with Tidal connect, ios.

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Wonderful. Thank you for your answers!
The amp is on its way :slight_smile:

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Since using eARC I don’t experience lipsync issues anymore…

However: it takes maybe 30 seconds or more from power up. No problem for me though.

Set NET Standby option to on, and do not use power button on the amp, use standby button on the remote (or in MusicLife app) instead. This way it will almost instantaneously.

Aaaah, so that might explain why i haven’t experienced it :slight_smile:

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