SA 30 Slow to Switch On

I’m using a Harmony Hub to control all of my AV devices, my SA30 takes ages to switch on and always comes on with the last used input as opposed the assigned PVR input command from the Harmony and I’m guessing it doesn’t recognise the change input command whilst it’s starting up.

In case anyone was going to suggest it you can set an input signal delay on the Harmony but the max is 5 seconds and my SA30’s taking more like 20/30 seconds to come on.

In the same chain I have a Humax PVR, if this is set to Eco mode it takes absolutely ages to switch on but if you use “smart” mode it’s almost instant.

Is there any similar adjustment anyone knows of on the SA30 that’ll make it come on quicker?

Hi Witterings,

Indeed there is an adjustment you can make: go to Menu > Network Settings > Net Standby > ON.

It will turn on in 1-2 seconds.

Brilliant, thank you so much … works perfectly :grinning:

A totally different query, most remotes if the system’s in standby and you press one of the inputs, say CD or PVR, it switches on and goes to that input, with this the input buttons do nothing and you have to press the red power button.
Frustrating again, if you last pressed an input button, if you want to then change / use the audio button or direct, you have to press the amp button 1st and then press the power button.

I’m guessing it’s because it can be a multi use remote so it wants you to select what you’re controlling but is there any way to overide this as well does anyone know?