Sync issues with sa30

Hi, new to the site as just purchased an sa30. I have an avr 550 and am trying to use the sa30 to power the front left and right speakers. It really does not sound right as there is a slight delay compared to the front centre speaker. I have messed about with the distance in the avr 550 menu. It also went into standby after about 20 mins. Not sure if it has a fault. Any advice appreciated. Thanks

From the System menu you should find the standby time and change it to a higher value(also possible from the Arcam phone app).

Try and set the input used for the speakers to the Direct mode if you are using the analog input as I am assuming(you have a button on the remote).

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You need to activate direct mode for the input, that you are using with AVR550.
Without direct mode SA30 will digitize it’s analog inputs and run the signal through DSP, which will cause slight delay.

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Thanks both, now working a treat. If you have any tips for separating the remote controls. I have tried Changing the sa30 to 19 from 16 but then the remote doesn’t work. Thanks again.

You have to change the code on the amp but also the remote to match

From the manual…

Direct code setup (Method 1)
The first method is to program the remote with the 3-digit code number for the device you wish to control – see “device code tables”. Make a note of the suggested number or numbers – the most popular code is listed first. Now power on the device.

  1. Press the Device key for the product you want to set up, together with the 1 key. Hold down both buttons for three seconds until the LED stays lit. You are now in setup mode, and you can release the buttons.

  2. Enter a 3-digit code for the device. If the 3-digit code number you entered is correct for the device, it will turn off. If it doesn’t turn off, enter the next code number from your list until the device does turn off.

  3. Once you have found the correct code, press the Device key again. The LED blinks three times to confirm that the code has been successfully stored.


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I found I used more separate buttons for the sa30 than the avr550 but I reprogrammed the sa30 remote. It was a bit of a pain when using the harmony elite remote and I wish I’d done it the other way round as for me I think I only use menu, enter, up, down, left, right and volume up and down for the avr550.