Using Chromecast Locks Optical Inputs

If I use Chromecast, stop playing and then at a later stage try and use a streamer via one of the Opt In’s there’s no sound until een if I’ve switched the amp off / on again with the remote.
I have to actually press the button on the front and complteley power it down / back on again and then it’s fine.

Has anybody else experienced the same and a know a cure?

If I use Tidal Connect then try to use Roon I cannot without a hard reboot. Tidal Connect seems to lock the stream input. Considering the incredibly horrible firmware situation we endured in the early stages of our beta testing our new $3000.00 amps, this seems minor. :laughing:


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I can get that, I was a late comer to teh party so didn’t have to go through all that thanks goodness :grinning:

Yes, this is a genuine issue for me, too. SA30 still here confused a lot. I do hope Arcam are still working on the firmware and haven’t given up now that they’ve reached minimum viable product.

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