Toslink drop outs

Using toslink (because ARC is worse than useless). All working fine until v1.62. Now I’m getting random dropouts when connected to toslink. No set pattern, but happens quite frequently, maybe every 30 minutes. Only solution is switch off and on again (net standby).

Any ideas what could be the trouble?

Is it possible to downgrade the firmware?

Same problem with toslink SAT input(using with projector) . But input
GAME(using with network streamer) works well.

Hi @blip and @6pa4o, welcome to the forum!

Do those drop outs sound similar with recording 2 and 3 of this post? If not then please consider to record the sound and post it.

Yes. It sounds similar with recording 3.

My guess is this issue is related to ARC: audio interruptions are noticeable, ref#92 because I think there is some common ground in the digital domain. Furthermore the release note of 1027 (hidden in this post) reveals that the latter issue isn’t resolved:

ARC dropouts

Dropouts have not been resolved in this build. The engineering team know of this issue and are working towards resolution.

That’s what I was supposing as well :wink:

Hello Paul, would you have an update / status to share on this issue ?

Have a nice day!


Looking at a build towards the end of the month (April). I expect this would be a beta rather than public release. Will update the beta group when we have something ready to share.

Looking forward to it !!!

@arcam_paul any news on this beta/release or at least how development is progressing?

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Sorry, I’m still trying to catch up on these messages. I posted a small update in this thread. I should have more information to share tomorrow.

I believe this build is focussing on dropouts and distortions.