Roon and pre out problem

Hello, I just bought the sa30 and I have the following problem. When streaming from my roon server via network cable I wanted to send the signal from the pre out to a subwoofer.
The problem is that it only sends weird sounds out of the pre out. Does anyone use roon and the pre out at the same time and has a solution?

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Hi Wolfram
I use the pre out with Roon and my active Dali sub Woofer with no issues at all.
I just get sub bass.

I use the same with my CD Player and turntable and all work correctly.

Thanks a lot for the reply.
I will check it and try to find the problem…
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Maybe try some different cables.
Good luck

Hello and thanks for your suport. I could find and fix the issue now: the noise did not start when connected to the roon server, but as soon as I connected it with the subwoofer. Then I used an galvanic audio separation filter and now everything is fine…

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Wolfram I am hear that you can enjoy using your sub woofer now.

I have recently been through a similar issue with my Gold Note PH-5 after adding a PSU-5 that was creating some annoying ground noise (that was not there when using the built-in PSU).

I ended up using what Pro-Ject call a semi balanced RCA cable that has a ground wire. I was completely amazed at the total silence after putting this cable in. It also helped that the cable looks amazing as well :grin: