Programming remote control

I’m trying to program the remote control from the SA30 to control an “old” DVD player Harman Kardon DVD 25.
It took me a while to understand that I have to unlock the CD key , but now that I mange to do that I can’t enter the code.
I have an old remote control list which says 0395, however the user guide of the SA30 mentions 3 digit codes.
Would you be able to provide me with a code which would potentially working ?

Thank you very much

Just to confirm I understand your question.

  1. You want to use your SA30 remote control to use an “old” Harman Kardon DVD player.
  2. You’re looking for IR-codes of this DVD player.

Did you have a look at page 226 in the manual SA30:

You did understand my request.
Interesting because my printed version of the manual does not contain that table.
In the explanation they do refer to a table at the end of the manual, but there is no table.
I will try right away those 2 codes
Thank you again

just tried both codes (and also the CD codes from you list). They do not work.
I had some good hope with your codes.

By assigning it to the BD key from the remote the code 084 works !!!
This is great.
I have been trying to assign to the CD key.
Apparently BD is for DVD as well.
Don’t know what BD stands for.
anyway again you helped me efficiently

Thank you again

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It’s a pity the the online manual didn’t work out.

They do update the manual, the online version is the most recent one :wink:

Could you state the exact brand and model of the DVD player?

I think this issue can be best answered by the formal Arcam support at If I would inquiry through my channel I’m almost sure my peer won’t know the answer either. I hope you understand, please see also the FAQ for the reason to redirect to formal Arcam support.

Once you know the answer you a free to post here :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I think my answer crossed you answer. Good to read I work out in the end.

BD might be the abbreviation of Blueray Disk?

The problem is not totally solved. I do have a connection issue now. The DVD player Harman Kardon DVD 25 is now assigned to the key BD. if I connect it to the SA 30 with the synch red white on the CD analog in it won’t be controlled with the remote. So the question being assigned to BD, how should I enter in the SA30 ?

This is how my DVD player looks like from a connection point of view.
If you could indicate me what I should be using .

Can you manage to have any sound from your DVD through SA30 without using the SA30 remote?

yes I get the sound, the problem is I have to be on BD on the remote to the send the “order” of playing and after I have to toggle on CD on the remote, which is normal as I’m connected from audio out on the DV player to CD in on the SA 30.
If I would have been able to configure the remote code on the CD remote key all would be fine, but the code 084 does not work on the CD key.
Should I use another cable going out from Coxial out on the the DVD player and entering in BD digital in on the SA30 ?

Ok. You have sound. Try the AMP button on the remote, is this what you’re looking for?

no I think I’m clear enough so I try to re-explain.
The remote control of the SA30 to control the DVD player is assigned to BD.
So when I press BD on the remote I can control the DV player, but I’m not going with any cable in the SA 30 in the BD input.
I’m connect with red/white cable to the CD input of the SA30.
So my question is how do I have to connect my DV player to the SA30. what kind of cable and in which input of the SA30 ?
I think I simply need such a cable

Ok. If you prefer to use the DAC of the SA30 then I would make use of the optical connection, optical input is a digital input. If you want to make use on the internal DAC of the DVD then use the RCA cable, RCA is an analog input. I’m not sure how the BD button on the SA30 remote is connected to the input channels on the SA30. I think BD is a digital input?

yes BD is digital and I have to go for this connection to be able to control with the remote having assigned the DVD player to BD.
Thank you again for all your expertise


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i am trying to connect my Remote with my old Yamaha AV but i have try all the known 3-digits that i have from the manual but no result. I also google for others …

Also try to control my Pioneer DVD player and again no luck .

My Steps is to Select the Device from the Remote , PVR + press 1 number key . After that i am typing the 3-digit and suppose it will close the device . Nothing Happened.

Any ideas ?