Playing 96khz BR-audio discs shows 48khz on SA30

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I have my new SA30 amp for about one week. I use a Philips Fidelio BR-player exclusively for BR-audio discs. However, when I play a 96khz BR-audio disc (like Steven Wilson’s “The Future Bites”), my SA30 shows 48khz. How come? What do I do wrong? Do I have to change settings?

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when i stream it off of tidal it shows 96khz. i know that doesnt help :confused:

I have also purchased a Blu Ray audio that has a stereo audio at 96/24. I am currently playing it on my OPPO player and the player is connected to the SA30 using a digital coax connected to the BD input.

When I am playing the disc the Arcam display states it is only decoding at 48khz. I have checked the settings on my OPPO and the LPCM output over digital coax is actually set to LPCM 192khz.

Am I missing something here as I thought digital coax could handle higher sample rates.

I have found the answer. Apparently, blue Ray audio is restricted to 48khz max bitrate over coax or optical. I can decode it at 96khz within my OPPO and send it as analogue to Arcam though.

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