MusicLife doesn't start on Android 10, ref#70

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 build 592 version 1.24
  2. start Arcam Music Life Android app v2.1.7 (229) on Android 10

Actual result
MusicLife quits on startup

Expected result
Music Life to start and recognise the amp

Additional information
MusicLIfe used to start on earlier versions of Android, but didn’t recognise the amp. On Android 10 it now won’t start at all

Hi Adam,

Welcome to the forum! Could you please answer the following:

  1. The SA30 firmware version is unknown to me. Could you please confirm the version? It can be found by pressing menu button on the front of the SA30, system info, version.
  2. You state you are using the latest version of the Music Life Android app. The latest available in Play Store is 2.1.7 (229). I assume this is the version you are referring to.

The current Music Life version on iOS released in the App Store is 3.0.2. This version is a huge improvement to it’s predecessor version 2.7.x. I known the current Music Life version on Android isn’t on the same feature and quality level compared to the iOS version.

Normally I would try to reproduce the issue before I open a ticket. However I do not own recent hardware to run Music Life on Android 10. Therefore I’ll open a ticket once you deliver the additional information.

Sorry, I meant to type firmware version v521.

I am using the most recent Music Life, it’s just that it won’t now launch for me to check the number! But it is the current version as on the Google Store.

Since writing I have received a useful reply from Ed at Arcam Support. He wrote:

“…we have replaced the android development team with a new one who have recently begun work to completely re-engineer music life for android so that it is inline with the IOS version. This will give dedicated streaming options for the SA30 and enable Tidal MQA playback and airable without having to enter the webgui”.

That’s better than the earlier replies I received from Harmon Luxury in California, who didn’t even seem to be aware that there was an issue or why it was their problem.

I added the version info to your starting topic and created a ticket for it. Indeed, it is good to read that there is some development effort going to be spend. All we can do now is wait for their first delivery :wink:

Music Life now working for Android. Mine updated automatically overnight. Seems stable so far.

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Hi gryffe, thank you for the update. It is nice to read this issue is solved now. It is fixed in MusicLife 2.2.4 (734)

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