Music Life app shows/plays songs in alphabetical order

My Music Life app shows all songs of an album in alphabetical order in stead of the correct (numerical) order (the original order of the album). It ignores the 01, 02 etc. in front of the track titles.

Is the metadata correct for the track numbers. It could be the track data doesn’t match up to the actual track name. Because they were numbered in alphabetical order.

I’ve the same problem with Music Life and a few other DLNA connected software players. I am happy with Twonkey server for my QNAP NAS and Asset UPNP for Windows to get the music sorted by track number. There are a few other products available but I had the best experience with the above two.

I also have a QNAP NAS but am not familiar with Twonky.

Twonky Server is available in the QNAP software store. It has been around for awhile so there are a lot of info on it.

My directory shows this:

It’s being played starting with 09, 04, 11, 02… and ends with 08

What are the track numbers in the FLAC meta data though? File names could in theory be anything random…

That is because the track number meta data has been added when they were listed in alphabetical order. Download Mp3tag and load them into that then make sure they are in the correct order and bulk re number them .

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I’ve been trying MP3TAG for a few days now but I still get my songs in alphabetical order in MusicLife, even after renumbering them in MP3TAG. When I open the album, TRACK within MP3TAG shows the correct number/order. Opening MusicLife still shows the alphabetical order though.

This is what MP3TAG shows:

Hi Peter, could you provide a screenshot of the sorting in Music Life of the same album?

Depending on the used DLNA server software used it might be necessary to refresh the album’s meta data manually after you edited the tracks through Mp3tag. If meta data isn’t refreshed then stale data is published.

I use MINIMSERVER and with that this would display correctly. If the refresh doesn’t work try numbering the filenames as well.

Here it is:

The first 8 of the album, as you can see alphabetically ordered. Don’t mind Suzanne Vega playing when I took the picture :slight_smile: (also playing in the wrong order of course)

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Hi Peter, I think you are browsing by folder. Please try to view the album by artist.


That’s correct. When I’m browsing by artist I don’t see the individual albums but only see all the tracks by that artist and they are - guess what - all in alphabetical order…

I see track number 4 listed twice. Is this particular album a multi media album, e.g. 2 CDs? If this is the case then I think not all required tags are set properly, e.g. the tag ‘disc n / disc total’ is missing?

Sorry for not responding. I’ve given up after trying several things. I now use Roon/Qobuz and hardly ever play music from my NAS anymore (as most music can be found there as well). At least now the order is as it should be. Thanks for helping. That Music Life app is total crap!

The issue is in the Music Server, I strongly suspect, as Plex did it to me with a few albums - I tagged and checked the whole library (took weeks - 20,000 tracks) and found that even then some played out of order. Turns out the online database (Musicbrainz) had a faulty entry and the server was preferring that. Flipped it to “prefer local metadata when available” and it was all sorted out.
TL;DR: servers do weird things to metadata