MusicLife 3.0.3 (3032)

What to Test:


  • Fix: Restoring a previously shuffled list displays in wrong order #3445
  • Fix: Current song info incorrect after toggling shuffle #3437
  • Fix: Not able to play paused song from current playlist view
  • Fix: Saved Playlists are missing songs
  • Fix: Play animation disappears when removing previous songs #3343
  • Fix: Now Playing screen doesn’t show empty message #3412
  • Fix: Current playlist still displays previous saved name after deleting #3408


  • Fix: Deleting current song doesn’t update playing animation #3394
  • Fix: Removed items when shuffled reappear when toggling shuffle off
  • Fix: Long track titles overlap … action buttons in Album View #3401
  • Fix: Update playlist header when removing individual tracks
  • Fix: Update current playlist header when saving or clearing
  • Fix: Dismiss keyboard when search result tapped
  • Grid collection view cell labels not visible in dark theme, refer to Artist and album names are not visible in large album art view due to lack of contrast in dark theme, ref#68