Artist and album names are not visible in large album art view due to lack of contrast in dark theme, ref#68

Perform the following steps:

  1. start Arcam Music Life iOS app, build 3022 is used
  2. assure dark theme is selected
  3. browse to a music source
  4. select view by album
  5. toggle the upper right hamburger menu to switch to large album art view

Actual result
The artist and album names are not visible because font color is black and background is black.

Expected result
The artist and album names should be visible in dark and light theme

Additional information
In build 3005 album names are visible

I have tried this and the only option with the hamburger menu is to view all the albums by chosen artists as a list which does work but i still cant get it to work as in my previous image.

Sorry I do not understand what you’re referring to.

Meanwhile Arcam has confirmed the issue stated in the opening post. It will be a swift fix. So worries, it will delivered in a future version.

Ignore I miss read. I will continue using 3005 until a complete fix is available. I think the adage is ‘if it ain’t broke’!

Good news, the issue is fixed in MusicLife 3.0.3 (3031). Thank you for reporting.

Indeed it is. Loving Gapless playback as well.

Gapless is a nice feature. It was added to MusicLife 3.0.0 some time ago: image

You can get rid of the long tracks, remain the separate tracks and save some free disk space :slight_smile: