Album artwork has green border if the image is not square on iOS devices

Since version 3.0.0 (3005) if artwork is not square horrible green borders are seen around the artwork.

The version mentioned is the last version that didn’t do it. Whilst obviously not a show stopper it does look horrible.

Hi paulguk,

Welcome to the forum. I failed to reproduce your issue with the latest version beta (3.0.1 build 3013) and the version you mentioned (3.0.0 build 3005). I see no green borders, refer to here. Can you provide some more info on how to reproduce it, e.g. iOS version, iPad or iPhone? It is possible to share the file you’re using?


I have attached 2 screenshots.

  1. This is on all versions up to and including 3.0.0 build 3005.
  2. This is on all versions since.

It occurs if the album artwork is not square. I have also noticed looking at the screenshots that the name of the album is no longer present under each title.

It does it on both my iPad and iPhone which are both using IOS 13.5.1

Obviously it doesn’t stop the app working but it looks horrible and has only recently begun doing it. I worked out the last version that didn’t do it by constantly trying different beta versions.

Hope that helps



Thanks for sharing the screenshot, it really helped. I am able to reproduce the greenborders now ;-). I also noticed a new build notification which fixes the green borders. I confirm MusicLife 3.0.2 (3022) fixes this issue. Only the alum text is still missing. Did you report the green border issue through support?

No I didn’t report it through support

So, the issue was fixed before reporting it to Arcam :slight_smile:
Nice, keep up the good work!

The remainer of the issue can be found here: Artist and album names are not visible in large album art view due to lack of contrast in dark theme, ref#68