How to do a full reset and reload of firmware

You mean your reluctant to upgrade or reset?
Reset will not do any harm for sure.
Upgrade only if you’re really bad luck. But in that case (worst case scenario) you can just take it to the dealers or service center.
I have done many, many (really many) upgrades of different devices. I work in IT infra :wink:
I had one BIOS upgrade failure during last 20 years (recovered with external programmer). One. And I’ve done literally thousands of different flashing/upgrades.
I would say just go for it. Unless you have many power outages in your area. Than would be good to use some UPS just for upgrade time.

I am confident to do firmware updates having had the answer from Arcam. I am reluctant to do the reset just for the sake of it until I see a report from someone who has actually done it. The main reason for that is it clearly isn’t intended as an end user process or it would be documented in the manual and as such if something were to go wrong it would likely invalidate the warranty.

It’s handy to know there is a process and gives more confidence when doing a regular firmware update which is a user process.

Sorry, but I don’t fully understand.
Reset option is meant for user, and is actually required by Arcam after each software upgrade.
Reset just means factory defaults. You can do it from the menu or web interface.
You just need to configure everything from scratch and reload Dirac filters from PC.
I think we have some misunderstanding here :slight_smile:
If you haven’t performed a reset after automatic upgrades, it might explain some issues.

You may be getting confused. The thread is about a reset using the service button on the back of the unit.

Yes, I am getting confused :slight_smile:
I’m getting confused, cause as far as I understand that button has NOTHING to do with any kind of reset. Or maybe it does, but we don’t know. The procedure you got from support is for recovering from failed firmware upgrade. And I guess no one is willing to test that, unless it will be really, really needed and after failed flash only chance to recover will be either “the button”, or sending device to service centre.
So maybe the naming is confusing here.
For me reset is reset to factory defaults, and recovery is in this case recovering from failed flash.
Hope now we are on the same page :slight_smile:
To “put device on a blank sheet” all you need to do is upgrade the firmware and after it’s done perform reset to factory defaults from menu (“system reset”). No need to use recovery option for this.
Actually upgrade is just to be sure, as ideally reset from menu should be enough. But by upgrading you kind of make sure firmware is also reflashed and “clean”.

But it is very helpful, really glad and thankful you shared this.
It’s just that we seemingly have a small misunderstanding about the naming (reset vs recovery). Just tried to explain this and help in a calm way.
Peace mate.

@paulguk, thanks a lot. This info saved me from sending my SA30 to the service as nothing else helped. My SA30 was bricked maybe due to an interrupted OTA Update.

During powering on, I pressed the “Service” button on the back of the device for about 60s with inserted USB stick with current SWU firmware image. The SA30 then took a long time to boot (different slower animation pattern in the display) and then after a few minutes came “Update completed Restarting”.**

Then everything worked fine again.

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I have never done it so I think you’re the first person in this forum to announce they’ve done it which obviously gives us all confidence it actually works.

I asked Arcam some time ago as I have had first hand experience of something similar many years ago updating the BIOS on a motherboard when I lost power and the motherboard.

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Hi everyone.

I have had a lot of issues with my SA30 ever since I bought it a year and half ago. I don’t know if I need to get into details really, but the past 6 months or so, the sound has been very erratic. Sometimes it is the way it is how it was when I bought it, sometimes it just sounds plain awful, as if I bought a $300 amplifier and not a $3,000 amp. It seems to have good days, and bad days. I have no idea why. I have been in touch with Arcam about it, and they want me to send it in. They however said that I could try doing a “fresh start” reset to the factory firmware by using the system button, which I’ve been reluctant to do for months in fear of bricking it. Last night, it turned the volume up from 28 to somewhere around double that without me even being in the room (fortunately). I felt that I had had enough (it has other issues too), so today I decided to revert to the factory firmware and update using the system button and a USB stick with the current software on it inserted. I feared for the worst and… nothing happened. It boots up just as if the button is not pressed and/or there is no USB stick inserted. No difference in how it boots up when looking at the display. Am I missing something here? It has the latest software on it. I have held the system button in for way past 60 seconds. What might I be doing wrong?

[Edit: Service button, not System button]

I’ve not actually done it myself but re reading the instructions I was given:

  1. Turn amp off.
  2. Insert a USB pen with the latest firmware copied onto it (as per firmware instructions).
  3. Press and hold in the reset button.
  4. Keeping the reset button pressed, turn the amp back on.
  5. Wait about 30 seconds for reset to begin.

I saw in the thread that someone has actually succeeded in doing it.

Yes, I think we mean the same thing here (my post should have read Service button, not System button - sorry about that). For me absolutely nothing happens when I do this. I have a freshly formatted USB inserted with only the latest firmware on it.

To be honest i have never heard of such issue before.
Either someone is playing with you (i.e. someone at home controlling amp remotely), or you have defective unit.
If i were you, i wouldn’t try to downgrade firmware, but instead i would listen to Arcam’s advice and send it back to them to get it properly tested and fixed.
Latest firmwares are really solid, with only some minor glitches in beta releases some of us are testing. Never heard about it changing sound from great to awful. Of course, i also have days when it sounds worse, but it’s more psycho-acoustics than amp itself.

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I would have thought the same thing if it wasn’t for that noone has access to it remotely and the source was my turntable (if it was streaming there could have been a glitch elsewhere). You’re right - it is most likely a defective unit, but I figured I’d still follow their last resort advise and see what happens when starting from scratch. I vaguely recall it behaving a bit odd when doing an automatic update - the very first one I think, after I got it in the summer of 2020. Then again that was a long time ago, so perhaps it doesn’t matter. I’m a bit reluctant to drop a $3,000 unit in the mail but that’s probably what it’s gonna come to. I guess as it is now it’s pretty useless anyway, so…

Have you actually tried resetting it to factory defaults (System reset AND NET reset)?
To be honest i don’t think downgrading to 521 firmware was what they meant by “starting from scratch”.
What i would try instead, as a last resort, would be to re-flash latest firmware, perform full reset (system and net) and check if it helped.
I don’t know if you did reset after automatic update, but if not, this might be your issue. There has been significant changes in the firmwares, and for some intermediate versions reset was Arcam’s requirement. Might be you’re just experiencing issues caused by those changes performed without reset.
So re-flash, reset and try from there. If it works, great, if not - send it to Arcam.

I have tried everything I possibly can (I think?), aside from reverting to the firmware it came with. Net and system reset after each update,.except for the very first automatic one - since it doesn’t say anything about updates in the manual I had no idea that needed to be done the first time an update was made. I have tried to reflash the latest firmware but it gives “update failed”, which I figured was because it already has the latest firmware. I did successfully install the new beta firmware today and am currently trying it out, after doing a net and system reset, and with max volume set very low…

I have had long conversations and discussions with Arcam about this unit, so yes, starting with the first firmware is what they meant…

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This worked out! I think the trick was in filename and lack of feedback from the amp that it actually started reprogramming.

When I left the amp turned on after step 8 and went to kitchen to cook the breakfast,
the amp rebooted and started playing smth on extremely high volume (I think around 50) and then turned off in a couple of seconds (possibly after overload protection was activated).

So I think that step 0 of the manual should be “ unplug the speaker cables

In this link below there is all the previous firmware’s and I have now added a pdf with instructions from Arcam on how to do a service reset.

Hi Paul,

Although I have followed the recovery steps, when I turn the amp on while pressing the service button, it says “net updating” right away and then “net update fail”.
And then the messsege disappears, there is no firmware change.

My main problem is that ARC ver is 0.0 and ARC connection does not work.

I also tried ARC recovery but nothing changed.

Please help……

I would contact Arcam in that case