Feature Request: Firmware: separate maximum volume PM

Feature Request: Firmware: separate max volume PM

Short description of requested feature

Split Maximum volume setting in:
-Maximum volume regular inputs/sources
-Maximum volume PM source/input

I like the idea of a max volume feature (for example set to 45) but it is useless (as far as I can see) when you have PM (processor mode) set to one of the inputs (mine is STB), since it is necessary (in my case) to go to volume setting 75 for adequate volume in my HT situation with my AVR (to drive the front channels), which means the overal Maximum volume setting will have to be 75 as well.

How could that work?

  1. Go to audio settings;
  2. Go to Maximum volume;
    3 Go to new Sub menu:
  • Maximum volume (regular inputs) = xx
  • Maximum volume (PM input) = xx

User community interest

Would you be interested in such feature? Please reply to the poll.

  • I like this feature request, please consider it.
  • I don’t care.

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Voted “like this feature”, but to be honest I think it should be done another way.
Max volume setting should be ignored for PM input, and only PM input.
No separate setting is really needed here. Especially, that in case of PM input we’re not really talking about “max volume” (which suggests it’s variable volume), but about fixed volume, which is set by user on purpose (at least that’s the assumption).

Thanks, that’s an even simpler/better solution: no Maximum volume for PM.

I vote for that too. I have to set the Max setting to 80 to correspond with the PVR setting I need for my Yamaha processor.

There is another reason I would like this feature as well. The first week I had the amp I was streaming some music whilst playing with the Arcam control app and inadvertently connected the processor mode input to NET and hence was streaming my music at a volume of 80. I nearly blew my windows out!