Finally connected to the AVR

Hi all,
Ever since I purchased the SA30 I was in a problem because my old AVR didn’t have any Pre-Outs and I wasn’t able to link both of them together. The Denon is now configured in 5.1.4 setup with the FL/FR being powered by the Arcam(Analogue Direct + PM).

I was forced to buy this Denon X4400H off eBay just to be able to enjoy my home cinema with FL/FR speakers(connected to the Arcam).

I had it all configured yesterday evening when I finally got the delivery of the Denon. Still trying to set the correct fixed volume on the Arcam but I’ll get there in the next days.

Everything works very well but I’ll need some better interconnects since I’m using now some generic crap ones and I’m hearing some noise from the speakers when no sound is being played.

How did you guys setup your fixed volume for this case?


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I have set mine to 65. I put the AVR into speakers test tone mode and matched it as close as I could by ear and then ran the speaker calibration software on my Yamaha AVR

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I will try that tomorrow when there’s no one around to bother. Thanks for sharing… I think I read somewhere about a 68 setting.
One thing is for sure - the volume coming from the AVR is very very low. I’m usually listening in the range of 25-45 on the Arcam and it is quite loud. With the AVR even 70 is not loud enough. Is this because the pre-out is too low(I’m not very technical in this field)?

Most probably yes.
Is there a difference between fronts and rest of the speakers when using test tones? If no, it’s just Denon that is quiet. If fronts are more quiet, you can try to adjust it’s level:

I have a similar set up using a Yamaha DSP E800. The pre outs on this is 1v rms whereas regular phono outputs are 2v rms. I have my SA30 set to 70 to match.

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Exactly my case with the 70. Didn’t give it proper testing but 70 seemed like a good level. It is just so high compared to my regular listening level that I thought something might be wrong.


I used 67 and 68 to an avr550