Connecting a high level subwoofer cable?

Is it allowed to connect a high level subwoofer cable to the speaker terminals on the Arcam SA30.
I used the preouts for low pass until now, however I managed to get my hands on a bk xxls 400 and I want to test the high pass filter.

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No problem. That is the way I have my REL StentorII’s connected… in parallel with my Sonus Faber Extremas. The high level input should have a high impedance and the amp will see no extra load.


Thank you kindly Ken. It worked and it sounds much better to my ears. Much appreciated.

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Would it be ok to keep the high level connection to the ARCAM SA30 and at the same time have a low level connection to an YAMAHA AVR? The front speakers are connected to the Arcam SA30. For movies, I use the Arcam in processor mode connected to the Yamaha AVR front preouts. Initially I only wanted to use the BK XXLS400 for 2.1 music via the Arcam, as I already have a BK Monolith connected to the AVR.
Then just for curiosity I connected the XXLS400 to the AVR (via low level) in LFE mode together with the Monolith and I was very impressed how well they work together. The monolith is in the corner next to the couch (right side - practically right next to the main listening position on the couch). The XXLS400 is almost in the corner area diagonally opposite from the Monolith. The Monolith is amazing and I find it better for movies than the XXLS400 (tried them separately and the scene in Oblivion where Jack/Tom lands to repair that drone in the football field - with the Monolith you feel the ship landing on top of you). That being said, together somehow they sound amazing (with xxls400 added it brings something to the front stage that gave me and my partner chills and she did not know about the change so her instant feedback was unbiased.)
Apologies for the long intro. Now for to the issue at hand:
I want to continue to use the XXLS400 for music with the Arcam and also use it for movies with the AVR.
What are the risks of leaving the high level connection to the Arcam SA30 and the low level (for LFE mode) to the AVR.

I am asking because I tested to see by having the Monolith connected to the AVR (Low level) and the XXLS400 connected to the ARCAM (via high filter and with no direct low level connections to the AVR). I was expecting the XXLS400 (in LFE mode) not to produce any sound in movies, however it still did.
What are the risks of something going wrong if I use both connections? I could probably use it like that for music by turning up the high level gain and turning off the low level gain and do the oposite when the AVR is on for movies (high level gain down and low level gain up). However I don’t want to break something. What would happen if both high and low connections gains were turned on when watching a movie?
I am asking because when the AVR was on and I touched the back of the XXLS400 I got a small electrostatic shock. I used to get that before on the AVR and ARCAM SA30, however since I bought a Tacima 6 power conditioner it stopped. The only item not connected to the Tacima 6 is the Monolith (connected to a wall socket).
This is why I am asking if having the XXLS400 connected both to the ARCAM and YAMAHA could break something?

Apologies for the long post.

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According to this review on avforums this seems to be an usecase:

XXS-400 can be run with simultaneous low and high level inputs. This is excellent news for those with discrete stereo and home cinema systems as the sub can be connected to and optimized for both at the same time.

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No problem with this either. And If you look at the manual at the bi amp set up you will note a similar set up. The nice thing is the volume will track with the high level speaker outs on the SA 30 and the SA 30’s pre out , so all will be good. But its always good to ask if you are not sure about this stuff. And the SA 30 has a nice fail safe circuit that will kick in immediately if it detects DC , a short , or over heating. And it works well as I have tripped it a few times having a bit too much fun… The little shocks you noticed were probably static . But if you hear hum, you will need to run ground wires from all of your stuff to the ground lug on the SA 30. But you would have already noticed the hum by now.

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Thank you both for your answers. Much appreciated. The only time I had a lot of ground loop hum was when I used Chord Crimson rca interconnects between ARCAM’s PVR and Yamaha’s front speakers preouts, however from what I read that was happening because the Chord Crimson cable is balanced (ground wire soldered at both ends). I could have solved it by cutting the ground connection on one end, however I just decided to replace it with a Chord Cobra II which also seems to have improved the sound a lot aand got rid of the ground loop hum as well. There still might be a bit of a hum as well with the Cobra, but it’s like … 95% less than what it was with the Crimson, so maybe it’s just in my head :slight_smile: .
Thank you kindly again for your help.


If you simultaneously connect high level to sa30 and low level to AVR you can disconnnnect black/ground from sa30 (just remember to tape the loose end to avoid accidents) and avoid grond loop.