Sub with SA30 options

Could anyone tell me if the SA30 can easily accommodate a subwoofer, and if so, how?

I read an article that this sub would work great with my SCM11 speakers, but can’t figure out how to connect and set up with the Arcam SA30. Thanks

Personally I don’t necessarily think the SA30 is in need of a sub, but I have no experience of the smc11 speakers you mention and your room will make a difference too

I think that those aren’t necessarily going to be easy to drive but the SA30 should handle them.

I’m not sure whether you are suggesting you already have these and are contemplating buying the sa30, or the other way around, or you already have them both, try and demo if you can before deciding on the need for a sub

It’s pretty easy to hook up the C1 to sa30 and you can do so either from the high level speaker outputs or use the pre-amp out from the SA30 if it’s not used for anything else,

The SA30 has no bass management like an AV reciever might which means you will have to control the blending of the sub with the L/R speakers using the controls on the back of the sub, it will be trial and error to get that right and find the sweet spot in term of frequency crossover and the gain on the bass

I’m not sure how well this would work with Dirac. The mic for Dirac curve creation will hear the sound including what comes from the sub. I don’t know if Dirac impacts the pre out, but it will the speaker outputs, I doubt you want it impacting the bass frequencies input to the sub. Others here using Dirac might be able to advise.


I use a sub with the SA30, there are several options for connecting, I use the pre out I believe.

It’s not about the amp it’s about the speakers, most setups will benefit from a sub, there’s plenty of info out there on the internet.

I use the ‘pre-out’ for the PA240 Power Amp. What other connection could you use?

PA240 has RCA out or Use high level speaker output as described above

The RCA’s outputs on PA240 into “high-level” L-R Sub - Inputs are one in the same thing? That is the only sub connection available, is “high-level” as engineered?

High level is generally the speaker connection, your phono outputs are line level.

So pre-amp out from pa240 to the rca inputs on the sub, or speaker cable from pa240 to speaker cable connections on the sub.