DIRAC calibration with a subwoofer

I have two bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer connected to pre-out. I was wondering if SA30 has a low-pass filter option, so e.g. frequencies below 80 Hz would be redirected to the subwoofer, can that be? Can that be achieved with Dirac? Does amplifier apply Dirac effects to pre-out?

I was also wondering if Dirac calibration should be performed with our without subwoofer connected? What should be the high-pass frequency cut setting on the subwoofer in this case?

Thanks for help in advance.

Hi kreneki, welcome to the forum!

As far as I know the SA30 doesn’t have an option to apply a low-pass filter onto the pre-out. The application of a low-pass filter might not be required, this depends on your subwoofer.

Dirac is able to preform digital room correction. If I’m not mistaken then once Dirac is applied it is applied to the pre-outs also.

I know there is a specific order in which you should perform Dirac with an subwoofer connected, I´m not sure what it was. This also depends on your subwoofer. E.g. if the subwoofer has its own DSP then this should be setup first, next Dirac should be applied (with the enabled DSP on the subwoofer).

What subwoofer do you own?

Hi jvs1, in fact my subwoofer does have DSP, it is SVS SB-3000. What crossover frequency should I set it on?

That’s a nice subwoofer. According to this quick installation guide the recommended crossover or low pass filter settings depend on your set of speakers. SVS has a tool to look it up: www.svsound.com/merlin

Hope this helps.

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